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DC Fast Charging maps highlight differences between Tesla and CHAdeMO/CCS rollouts

Tesla touts its Supercharger network as a no-compromise solution for electric road trips, and has strategically placed Superchargers along well-traveled highways. Elon Musk himself has embarked on a coast-to-coast adventure in a Model S to demonstrate that it can be done in about the same timeframe as with any other vehicle. On the other hand,… Read more »

CCS EV Fast Charging standard is about two years behind CHAdeMO in California

California is the most electrified state in the US, thanks in part to its ZEV mandate that requires automakers to produce a certain number of zero-emission vehicles. In addition to leading the way in EV adoption, the state has also installed the most public charging infrastructure, by far. According to PlugShare, there are about 6,597… Read more »

Swedish city orders electric bus with CCS charging

Heliox, a manufacturer of power conversion equipment, has delivered its CCS 700 V charger to fellow Dutch firm VDL Bus and Coach. VDL’s Citea electric bus will be joining the fleet of Swedish transport operator Byberg & Nordin. Heliox says this will be the first European e-bus to use the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard…. Read more »

VW to include CCS fast charging on all future plug-in vehicles (PHEVs too?)

Like the other German and US automakers, Volkswagen has signed on to the SAE-sanctioned CCS standard for DC fast charging. CCS fast charging capability is included with the new e-Golf. Last week in Detroit, Michael Horn, Volkswagen’s US CEO, told Green Car Reports that it plans to include fast charging on all its future plug-in… Read more »

Danish charging network orders 50 CCS fast chargers from ABB

Danish charging network operator CLEVER has ordered 50 CCS-compatible Terra 53 DC fast chargers from ABB. This follows an earlier order of 50 ABB DC fast chargers, and brings CLEVER’s nationwide network of DC fast chargers to 100 locations. Existing Japanese EVs, such as the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi i-MiEV, use the CHAdeMO fast charging… Read more »

Citgo enters EV charging market with pilot program in Michigan

For better or for worse, oil companies are moving aggressively into the EV charging market. The latest oil giant to start selling electrons is Citgo Petroleum, which recently launched an EV charging pilot program in Battle Creek, Michigan, in collaboration with longtime marketer Folk Oil. The Citgo location on 11 Mile Road in Battle Creek… Read more »

Efacec to deliver 132 DC fast chargers to eV Power Exchange in Utah

Portugal-headquartered EV charging infrastructure manufacturer Efacec will supply Utah-based EV charging network eV Power Exchange with 132 of its QC45 DC fast chargers for the Salt Lake City area. The agreement includes licensing and customization of Efacec’s charging point management system, EV Core, which is designed to allow drivers to locate and reserve chargers using… Read more »

New EV charging network backed by 7 major automakers begins operations in North America

Back in July 2023, a group of seven major automakers announced plans to form a public charging joint venture along the lines of the European consortium Ionity. EV fans welcomed the plan to deploy some 30,000 fast charging stations throughout North America, but we’ve heard very little since. Now the venture has a name: IONNA…. Read more »

Fermata Energy integrates its V2X platform with BorgWarner’s bidirectional chargers

Bidirectional charging pioneer Fermata Energy has integrated its Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services platform with bidirectional EV chargers manufactured by BorgWarner. The integration of Fermata’s software with BorgWarner’s hardware, including both 60 kW and 125 kW UL-certified chargers, enables Fermata’s platform to optimize V2X bidirectional charging commands with a Combined Charging System (CCS) communication protocol. Fermata is… Read more »

Chaevi unveils new 400 kW Tesla NACS-compatible DC fast charger for North America

EV charging equipment manufacturer Chaevi has announced the availability of its new all-in-one DC EV charger, which delivers a blazing 400 kW of power, for the North American market. This speed demon is expected to be fully NEVI-compliant by Q2 2024, and is available for pre-order now. This DC fast charger provides simultaneous charging from… Read more »