Thermal Runaway Challenges In Next Generation Battery Pack Designs

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  • Brandon Bartling, Senior Product Development Specialist, 3M

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Oct 18, 2021, 10:30 am EDT

The battery packs found in today’s EVs represent a significant advancement over those designs considered state of the art just a few years ago. As automotive OEMs drive to increasingly advance pack designs they are being asked to balance the desire for increased range and improved recharge time with growing government regulations focused on safety and recyclability. Concerns related to the potential for a cell to go into thermal runaway has led to a significant amount of global activity focused on cell behavior and how it relates to full battery pack performance. Additionally, the continued evolution in cell chemistry and formats requires a continued evolution in battery pack designs to address these new challenges. As the industry moves to next generation battery pack design and use cases, such as cell to pack and second life battery use, material advancement will be critical.

In this talk we will focus on important considerations related to thermal runaway challenges for next generation battery packs. The discussion will start with an overview of some of the notable upcoming regulatory changes and how those changes could influence future OEM designs. This will be followed by an in-depth discussion around key concepts of the cell to pack trend and how different cell failure modes could be influenced by this trend.

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