Resin Potting of EV/HEV Motors

Presented by:

  • Pietro Colombotto, Sales Area Manager & Marketing, DEMAK GROUP

  • Alberto Menozzi, Demak Polymers Plant Director, DEMAK GROUP

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Oct 18, 2021, 8:45 am EDT

Demak will focus its presentation on the resin encapsulation of electric motors for EV/HEV applications. The topic will be explored by presenting a case history in which the stator has not initially been designed to host resin potting technology, but, o thanks to the ususe of sophisticated tooling, machines and suitable resin systems, the final target of a full resin encapsulation has been achieved.

Thanks to the experience gained during these last years, many advantages of a full resin potting compared to other technologies, such as impregnation and trickling, will be presented. The resin is a perfect electrical insulator, and it delivers properties that are absolutely incomparable to other insulating methods, including: enhanced water and dust resistance; chemical resistance; less vibration; less noise; and most of all, perfect heat dissipation and improved thermal shock resistance.

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