Key Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) Considering Design Changes Towards Structural Integrities of Battery Packs

Presented by:

  • Holger Schuh, Global Sr Manager Thermal Technologies, Henkel

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Oct 21, 2021, 8:00 am EDT

Join this session to tearn about:

• GapFiller, Pads, or even Thermally conductive adhesives - key selection criteria and optimum products for future e-mobility battery designs

• How to combine higher adhesion to various surfaces and still having high thermal conductivity of up to 3,5 W/mK in one product.

• What needs to be considered using injectable liquid GapFiller in cell to stack and cell to pack designs?

• Classical dispensing or extrusion technologies - product and process need to be aligned to operate fast, robust and without long term challenges

Henkel will highlight the design path from an idea towards a final package.

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