Testing Conformance and Interoperability of EVs and Charging Infrastructure

Presented by:

  • Julian Tomczyk, Solution Marketing Specialist, Keysight Technologies

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Oct 18, 2021, 12:30 pm EDT

EV and EV supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturers and providers are striving to reach that magical tipping point where range, charging time, availability, safety and price come together to help EVs become the consumer’s preferred choice versus conventional gasoline cars. However, any single design fault in this complex ecosystem will cost money and delays, and no one wants to be late to market. As more EVs roll on the roads, real issues are surfacing, on top of those discovered during R&D. In addition, there is the challenge of learning new and evolving conformance standards, as well as enabling high-power charging to serve ever-increasing battery capacities. We will focus on the testing of Combined Charging System (CCS) high-power chargers and vehicles. The same principles are also applicable for the Chinese charging standard GB/T, the Japanese CHAdeMO, and the upcoming harmonization between them, named ChaoJi-1/-2.

This session introduces the concept of harmonized conformance and interoperability testing to drive broader market acceptance of EVs.

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