Contactors for Disconnection of High Voltage DC for xEV Applications

Presented by:

  • D. Matthew Reynolds, Director of Marketing, Piezo & Protection Devices, TDK Electronics

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Oct 18, 2021, 11:00 am EDT

Electrical currents in EV battery systems can flow in both directions, which can cause potentially dangerous situations during high voltage currents. As a result, contactors are used as a safety disconnection device for high voltage battery banks and DC chargers for xEV applications. However, these two applications for electric vehicles have vastly different requirements. Consequently, the contactors used for battery disconnect typically require different performance parameters than those required for DC fast chargers.

This session will discuss the requirements for these applications, the use high voltage contactors for new designs, performance parameters and principals of operation. Engineers attending will become familiarized with these important design considerations for these applications and how to apply them to specific component selection.

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