Zunum Aero unveils 12-passenger hybrid aircraft for delivery in 2022

Washington-based Zunum Aero, profiled in the July/August issue of Charged, has unveiled details of its first aircraft – a hybrid plane with a capacity of 12 passengers and a range of 700 miles. It will have a maximum cruise speed of 340 miles per hour, and a take-off distance of 2,200 feet. The company says it will be available for delivery in 2022.

Zunum’s business model is based on “scaling airliner-grade economics to mid-sized platforms.” Zunum says its new plane will offer costs per seat-mile of 8 cents, or $250 per hour for the aircraft. The e-plane will boast 80% lower emissions and noise, making it practical to offer air service at thousands of underused secondary airports, and hopefully ushering in “a new era of fast and affordable regional travel.”

Zunum has opened a second development center in the Chicagoland area, where it is developing its electric propulsion technologies and starting ground tests.


Source: Zunum Aero

  • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

    Hmmm… 5 Windows, plus the Cockpit: 10 Passengers Plus a Crew of Two? (10+2 = 12 Seats Total), or Less than one window per Passenger? Per “a take-off distance of 2,200 feet.” is that Ground Roll, or – to Clear a 50 Foot Obstacle?

    It would be interesting (to me, anyway) if they could create an All Electric Cessna 182, or 206, Type of Aircraft, with at least 2 Hours Range, even if Hybrid, but with Primarily Electric Propulsion, a 500 Foot or less Takeoff Roll, and 1,000 to 1,200 FPM (Feet Per Minute) or Better Climb Rate at Full Load, and a 15,000+ Max Altitude Capability, with Modern Flight Navigation and Communication Electronics, and Full Passenger Filling Gross Weight Take Off Capability!

    This Aircraft Might be able to be used in Sight Seeing Trips too, but it is obviously not the intent, due to Airliner like windows. However – a $250 per Hour Operating Cost, for even 10 Passenger Seats, is pretty Decent, I think! ($25.00 Per Hour, Per Paying Person, at a 340 Mph Cruise, is just 2.5x What I paid for a Cessna 182, back in 1977, with only a Cruise Speed of about 155-160 Mph! – That was $10.00 Per Seat, Per Hour – INCLUDING the 2 Front Seats, at a rate of $40.00 Per Hour, All Up! This is actually only about $20.00 Per Seat/Hr, if you include the 2 seats up front!)

  • gizmowiz

    The future of all transportation is electric. Period.

  • edteamslr

    Exciting times ahead