XING Mobility launches new modularized EV battery pack

Electric battery and powertrain technology company XING Mobility has launched a new EV battery pack. The Immersion Cooled Modular Battery Pack System is modularized and fully integrated, according to the company. Equipped with stackable micro-modules, the system can be configured into distinct sizes and shapes, including triangular, T-shaped, and U-shaped packs.

To manage thermal challenges, the system uses immersion cooling, which submerges cells directly into a non-conductive fluid that allows the pack to manage high heat during charge and discharge cycles. The immersion cooling technique enables the battery to attain a discharge rating of 2,500 amps and a continuous rating of 1,260 amps.

XING showcased the new system at a recent battery show. The company also showcased motors, inverters, built-in battery management systems, chargers, and display kits.

Aziz Tucker, XING co-founder and CTO, said, “These all-in-one, plug-and-play technologies puts our specialty vehicle customers in a very advantageous position of being able to install and connect power in a matter of hours, even without previous experience of EV systems which is something we see quite often with small-to-medium sized manufacturers.”

Source: XING Mobility

  • EVman

    won’t work. Won’t tell you why but you will see high maintenance cost on this very soon. Just from the picture I see a major problem and this is talking from actual experience. You customers are going to be very upset with you once they find out.

    • porette

      It looks like a Nostradamus prophecy, nothing with technical relevance. Please, could you kindly give us a comment explanation?