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WirelessCar launches Smart EV Routing

WirelessCar, a provider of digital services for connected vehicles, has launched Smart EV Routing, a product designed to enable EV drivers to optimize their long-distance journeys. WirelessCar’s Smart EV Routing uses real-time dynamic vehicle data combined with intelligent routing algorithms to offer a sophisticated route planner.

WirelessCar’s Smart EV Routing uses an array of input parameters, including real-time vehicle telemetry and environmental data, which is combined with intelligent routing algorithms in order to plan the best possible route for an EV journey. Energy consumption factors include outside temperature and weather conditions, road conditions and elevation, driving style and vehicle weight. Drivers can select from several parameters to create their optimal routing.

WirelessCar works directly with auto manufacturers to provide specially-tailored services and integrations. OEMs can use their preferred charging networks and set recommended default parameters.

Smart EV Routing is cloud-based, scalable, and content provider-agnostic—OEMs can use the content providers of their choice for visual maps and charging points. The system is designed to deliver a seamless, unified experience in both the vehicle’s infotainment system and the driver’s mobile device. Routing guidance is based on continuously updated dynamic vehicle data, so drivers know when they need to charge and for how long.

“Our Smart EV Routing tool ensures that drivers of electric vehicles have all the information they need to make their journey as smooth, efficient and safe as possible,” said Martin Rosell, CEO of WirelessCar. “We’re empowering both OEMs and EV owners with the information they need to be confident on long-distance journeys. WirelessCar has more than 20 years of hands-on experience developing, delivering and operating secure digital solutions and products for connected cars.”

Source: WirelessCar


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