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Uxbridge College offers EV technician training

Uxbridge College is offering new training technologies for electric and hybrid car maintenance and repairs. The college recently took delivery of a Mini Electric, which it is using with its new EV simulator, the Car Train. 

Students will use the Car Train to gain the skills needed to progress safely to working on a real car, with its high-voltage electric systems. Among the Car Train’s features are real car parts, including a life-size ignition and keys that actually start the simulator, a real electric charging system and charging lead, and a miniature driveshaft with wheels that turn. Its touch-screen monitor shows CGI imagery of the car dashboard, internal layout and other training diagrams.

“This is really exciting for both students and staff at the college, and it is also an excellent opportunity for employers big and small to start upskilling their current staff to be able to work with electric cars too,” said Head of Engineering Neil Benjamin-Miller. “Currently the vast majority of mechanics are qualified to work solely with combustion engines, with approximately 5% of mechanics qualified and registered as TechSafe to work on EVs.”

Source: Uxbridge College


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