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Toshiba prepares to rev up production of SCiB batteries

Toshiba is removing its SCiB battery business from the Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions (TISS) subsidiary, and making it an independent business unit within Toshiba.

By positioning the business as an independent operation, Toshiba says it hopes to remove layers of management and allow for more rapid decision-making. TISS will continue to handle business operations related to using the SCiB as a storage battery system in certain sectors, including rail transport, defense, and power transmission substations.

Toshiba has manufactured and sold the SCiB battery since March 2008. It has applications in PHEVs, automated guided vehicles, and energy storage systems for rolling stock.

The company is expanding production capacity for SCiB batteries. In Japan, it plans to construct a new production facility in Yokohama and reinforce its manufacturing facility in Niigata prefecture.

Toshiba’s SCiB battery currently uses lithium titanium oxide in its anode, but Toshiba is developing higher energy-density batteries with titanium niobium oxide anodes for use in EVs.

In 2017, Toshiba, Suzuki and components manufacturer Denso agreed to establish a joint venture to produce automotive battery packs in India. Toshiba will also collaborate with Johnson Controls Power Solutions in the US.


Source: Toshiba via Green Car Congress


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