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Toshiba introduces new 20 Ah-HP SCiB cell

Toshiba has introduced a 20 Ah-HP lithium-ion battery cell that is available for order throughout the world and is intended for the EV, industrial equipment and energy storage markets. It’s part of the SCiB product line, and the company says it is designed for conditions of high-power input and output as well as environments where batteries need to suppress heat and operate continuously.

The new cell is the same size as Toshiba’s current 20 Ah cell, which makes it compatible with existing modules. In comparison to the current cell, the new 20 Ah-HP cell has 40% less resistance in the cell, enabling 1.7 times the input, 1.6 times the output and strong heat suppression when a large current is applied. In addition to permitting a simpler cooling system, the cell’s strong heat suppression throughout continuous charging and discharging also extends its life. A comparative test revealed that the 20 Ah-HP kept nearly 100% capacity after 8,000 cycles, while the older cell’s capacity declined by 10%.

Toshiba expects the new cell to be used in a range of electrified vehicles, including electric ferries, hybrid cars, hybrid buses and PHEVs.

Source: Toshiba

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