Torqeedo offers inboard version of Deep Blue electric marine drive


Marine motor maker Torqeedo has introduced a shaft-drive version of its 40- and 80-horsepower Deep Blue motor.

The Deep Blue inboard electric drive was designed for marine use from the ground up. Its lithium-ion batteries are made in the US by Johnson Controls, and come with a nine-year, 80% capacity warranty. Maximum speed is 18 mph and range is over 100 miles at slow speed, according to the company.

Torqeedo - Electric Boat inboard3

Torqeedo - Electric Boat inboard2

Torqeedo is working with several North American OEMs to integrate Deep Blue inboard into their product lines.

“Deep Blue inboard on recreational vessels is a lot of fun, but it also offers a compelling option to the diesel-dominated market of tour boats, water taxis, workboats and larger sailboats,” said Torqeedo VP Chris Carroll. “The 1,400 rpm version takes advantage of the high torque available to propel heavy loads efficiently. This ends up saving our commercial customers thousands of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs over time.” 


Source: Torqeedo

  • Michael Kamm

    I am so glad to see the introduction of electric propulsion to the boating community. I won’t miss the noisy, oil slick ridden, smoking 2 cycle outboards of years past.

  • BlackTalon53 .

    100 miles is some pretty serious range. I guess it is just a fraction, like, 25%, of that at 18mph though.

  • Mac McDougal

    This is the best news I’ve had in a while. We have an old, dirty 2 cycle Mercury 80 horse engine that I’m dying to replace. Does anybody out there have any information on the product launch date, and pricing?

  • Mac McDougal

    OK, I just checked the Torqeedo site. Bad news on cost. I couldn’t find a complete price for the whole system, but the systems elements were well over 17k USD when I stopped looking. Sigh. I wonder if coastal state governments might help.

  • Electric Bill

    Remote, quiet, pristine lakes and rivers are particularly good matches for silent, oil-free electric drive systems. And since you can be sitting motionless for extended periods, a well-designed, thin-sheet, roll-up solar panel can be floating alongside, charging up the battery pack while you’re busy recreating.