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SiAT partners with CSAC to launch carbon nanotube-coated aluminum foil for battery electrodes

SiAT, a Taiwanese battery nanomaterials manufacturer, has partnered with Taiwan C.S. Aluminum Corporation (CSAC) to introduce carbon nanotube (CNT) coated aluminum foil for faster charging and extended lifespan in lithium-ion batteries, sodium batteries and supercapacitors.

The foil uses CNT carbon coating, which conducts ten times better than carbon black, according to SiAT. The CNT coating protects aluminum foil from corrosion and enhances the bond between electrode materials and the current collector, extending battery life. Additionally, the coating minimizes interface contact resistance, increasing discharge rates and battery performance.

SiAT can customize the foil thickness, coating patterns and alloy composition to fit customer needs.

“Well-dispersed nano conductive graphite and CNT-coated particles ensure a uniform and precise coating on the aluminum foil, optimizing it for the surface treatment of battery conductive substrates,” SiAT stated.

Source: SiAT


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