Tesla submits plan to double the size of its Fremont factory


Tesla has submitted a new Master Plan to the city of Fremont, in which the company proposes to construct twelve new buildings around its existing factory. The new buildings could add as much as 4.6 million square feet, doubling the size of the facility.

The Disruptors of Detroit will need the new space to meet the massive demand for the upcoming Model 3, and reach its goal of building a million cars per year by the end of 2020. The company has also acquired several other properties in Northern California.

“We are pleased to work with the city of Fremont on a plan that reaffirms our commitment to California,” a Tesla spokeswoman said. “California continues to be the epicenter of Tesla’s manufacturing capabilities, and we are proud to be the state’s largest manufacturing employer.”

The city already has big plans for the area around the Tesla factory. This fall, BART plans to open its Warm Springs Station, just across a railroad line from Tesla, and city officials have approved three new projects that will add commercial space and thousands of housing units.

All of this fits nicely with Tesla’s plans. “The location of the factory offers unique opportunities to leverage mass transit to ferry our workforce,” the Tesla spokeswoman said. “Tesla’s factory is the only major automotive assembly facility in the United States that is located adjacent to a metropolitan rapid transit rail line.”


Source: San Francisco Chronicle via Electrek
Image: Steve Jurvetson (CC BY 2.0)

  • H.Invent





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  • Ramon A. Cardona

    Keep going, Elon. Keep going!

  • plutocrat03

    ummmm, that plant used to build 500K cars per year. What is the rush?

    • Electric Bill

      Are you actually wanting Tesla will slack off on its plans to ramp up production to a, million cars a year, or do you really not see the urgency to switch from fossil fuels to electric? Either way, if I had and say in the matter, I would not let anyone with your poisonous mindset anywhere near the factory, or a Tesla.

      So glad to hear of the new plans… perhaps the back orders of Model 3’s can be filled much sooner than recently indicated. There are about a half-million units now on backorder, so if the Model 3 (and the Chevy Bolt and other long-range, mass-market EVs prepping for production) can get a huge jump in the next few months, the EV Renaissance can begin in earnest. The sooner EVs can begin devouring market share from ICEs, the quicker OPEC and domestic fossil fuel producers will be disrupted… causing crashes in crude prices, and a collapse of funding for the war in the Middle East. Most people do not realize how tightly related the wars and petroleum sales are connected… if we had had the ability to go EV twenty years ago, the 9/11 attacks could never have happened, and the world today would be a much different and better place.

      • plutocrat03

        Enthusiasm is great, but not rooted in reality.

        Tesla not likely to make a million cars per year, ever. 2016 will see under 100k cars and SUVs built. Even if Model 3 production can start in 2017, they won’t pass the 200k unit per year for some time.

        Success will ultimately hinge on making these vehicles profitably. Currently, each vehicle shipped is a loss leader. Governmental subsidies will not run infinitely.

        Once the existing manufacturers can see a way to profitability, they will be able to provide alternatives to the electric vehicle buying public. A small manufacturer can’t compete.

        • pres68y

          Wow! what an optimist 🙂 (actually a sustainer of SOS)

          • Electric Bill

            pres68y: what is the context of your “SOS”? Even after looking it up in the online acronym dictionary, I found nothing that seems to fit.

          • pres68y

            SOS=Same Old Stuff
            or MOSS=More Of the Same Sh?t

        • Electric Bill

          You sound like a fool. You obviously don’t even understand the term “loss leader”. Even if Musk does not achieve a million units/yr. as he has targeted, what is important is that he has set a goal that is deliberately going to be difficult to achieve… goals are useless if they are not set high enough. That is like setting a goal of all C’s on one’s report card, rather than straight A’s. God, what a buzzkill… no one would ever want someone such as yourself on their team with that kind of attitiude.

          Musk has been setting high goals that have been ridiculed by those without vision for decades, but he famously said, “When, are they going to get tired of being wrong?”

          Looking back Motley Fool was nearly foaming at rhe, mouth at the Tesla Roadster, saying it was, not worth investing in and was, not even, worth leasing… Eric (Ig)Noble of the L.A. Times stated publicly on camera that it is “very, very unlikely the Tesla loan is ever repaid to taxpayers… Electric vehicles are really not effective in ways that are effective for most consumers… still… this is just the religion of electric vehicles, & like Jonestown, this religion will come to an end”.

          Mr. Ignoble has been incredibly ignorant in his predictions, and I consistently chastised him for it. The first time, he arrogantly told me, “bring it on…” but he has continued to be laughably wrong in his assessments, and every time he has done so I have been as public as possible in ridiculing and reminding him of his “Jonestown” remark. In the last year or so has finally stopped making such inane comments about EVs, Tesla, and Musk, for fear of further ridicule and embarrassment.

          As long as Luddite trolls such as Ignoble care to make such predictions, they need to be shamed and held accountable.

          Jonestown, indeed.