Tesla Model 3 enters pilot production

Tesla Model 3

The moment has arrived. After 14 years of hard work, the first Model 3 rolled off the Tesla production line, and Elon Musk is keeping this one for himself.

The historic event took place with an uncharacteristic lack of hype, commemorated only by a couple of photos and an unexciting video. Apparently the big party is going to take place on July 28, when the first 30 customers will receive their vehicles.

The configuration tool that will let reservation holders choose their colors and options is expected to go live around that time. In the interest of streamlining production, these options will be few – no more than 100 possible combinations, compared to about 1,500 for Model S. The first cars to be delivered will be rear-wheel-drive. AWD is expected to become available around the beginning of 2018.

Elon has said that monthly production will grow “exponentially” over the next few months – 100 or so units in August, 1,500 in September, and as many as 20,000 by December.

According to the Tesla web site, the estimated delivery date for new reservations is “mid-2018 or later.”


Source: Green Car Reports

  • brian_gilbert

    If Tesla realises that some countries are ready to go completely driverless wih centrally controlled hired vehicles it could supply them with all the cars they need to do so. This is because only 10 per cent or even 5 per cent the current numner of cars will be required. This is because that is all that is required to fill the maximum demand at any one time.

  • Terry Robb

    Will Tesla be on national news july 28 with these model 3s being delivered

  • pres68y

    Wow that driver has a rear view camera, also a rear view mirror and yet feels he must turn his head around and look over his shoulder to back it up? (old habits are hard to break) 🙂