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Tesla expected to (finally) release a CCS adapter in the US

The War of the Charging Standards will only truly be over when any EV can use any public charging station. Tesla is taking another step toward that glad day by releasing a CCS-to-Tesla plug adapter to markets outside of Europe.

When Tesla launched Model 3 and Supercharger V3 in Europe, it moved to make CCS its charging standard, adding CCS to new Model 3s and introducing a CCS adapter for Model S and Model X owners. In North America, Tesla released a CHAdeMO adapter, but owners here have been waiting patiently (or otherwise) for quite some time for a CCS adapter. As Electrify America and other non-Tesla fast charging networks grow, this is becoming more of an inconvenience.

Now Tesla has confirmed that a CCS adapter is on its way to the Korean market. It sells for the equivalent of about $250, and deliveries to customers should start this month. Tesla says (thanks to Electrek for translating this from the Korean), “The CCS Combo 1 adapter can only be used with Model 3 and Model Y. It cannot be used in Model S and Model X, and when compatibility analysis with domestic charging infrastructure is completed, information on the release will be provided at a later date.”

The word on the electric street is that the handy-dandy new adapter is to come to North America soon, although Tesla hasn’t announced a date.

What Tesla gives with one hand, it takes away with the other—Electrek reports that Tesla has removed the CHAdeMO adapter from its online store, which some drivers may find irksome. Certainly CHAdeMO is on the way out, but there are still quite a few plugs out there, and dedicated road-trippers like to keep all their electrical options open.

Source: Electrek

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