Swindon is taking orders for its new “crate” EV powertrain

Swindon Powertrain’s compact HPD 80 kW “crate” motor for EV conversions is now available to order from the company’s web site. The motor is suitable for OEMs, niche vehicle manufacturers, electric car conversion companies and home mechanics. Prices start at £6,400+VAT for the 80 kW motor, transmission and differential. Options for cooling, inverters and limited-slip differential are also available. Deliveries will commence in August 2020.

Swindon says it has refined and improved the HPD’s specification since the product was first announced six months ago. Weighing 49.9 kg including lubricants, the HPD system features a brushless, permanent magnet motor, transmission, open differential and one meter of cabling. The package size is 441 mm x 384 mm x 228 mm.

With multiple installation points and the ability to site the inverter and cooling packs separately, the HPD can fit in a wide range of vehicles. Two inverter options, depending on battery voltage, are available, although customers can also use their own. Dependent on the tire size and top speed requirement, buyers can decide between two no-cost gear ratio options using Swindon Powertrain’s online calculator.

“It’s now easier than ever for anyone to convert a car, truck or even quad bike to electric,” says MD Raphaël Caillé. “HPD is a new, properly engineered system with a year’s warranty. With deliveries starting in August, now could be the ideal time to start planning a project.”

Source: Swindon Powertrain 

  • freedomev

    They won’t sell many at that price. That’s about what Tesla 400kw units cost, if that.
    Most car conversions and at 80kw, a small car, already have a transmission, diff and everything else.. So just an adaptor plate to mate the motor to the transmission.
    I generally take a clutch/flexplate trans coupling and weld that to whatever the e motor shaft needs.
    I put the trans shaft facing up with the motor on an alum plate, mate the motor to it then run it , moving until it runs best, then mark the plate with motor and bell housing holes, drill, reassemble, bolt and done.
    Always use a thread locker.

    • Don Sireci

      I can see that it is not a cheap solution, but using the complete Swindon setup is far more elegant than slapping an electric motor to an old transmission and differential. If you are going through the trouble to get rid of the gas engine, it makes sense to dump the weight of the rest of the drive train. All the Swindon setup needs is the appropriate length half shafts.

      • freedomev

        EV motors come with reductions, diffs and controllers dude.