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Spiers New Technologies expands battery remanufacturing services to Europe

Battery pack remanufacturer Spiers New Technologies (SNT) is opening a dedicated production center at Ede in the Netherlands. The facility will be SNT’s central location for the rollout of its high-voltage battery remanufacturing services to European clients in the automotive and energy sectors.

The company says it is a logical step to further exploit its proprietary technologies and processes for remanufacturing Li-ion and NiMH battery packs outside the US. “The European plug-in and hybrid sales market is accelerating, while the first mass-produced EVs come to a certain age and moment that packs need to be replaced,” says SNT CEO Dirk Spiers.

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The Oklahoma-based company works with several automotive OEMs to remanufacture and repurpose battery packs that have reached the end of their useful lives in plug-in vehicles. SNT dismounts the aged batteries and subjects them to automated testing protocols, before sorting the modules and applying them to new products.

The company performs a complex diagnostics and grading process that allows the rebuilding of EV battery packs, either for automotive applications or in second-use energy storage products.

“While the vehicles and batteries are comparable on a global level, regulations and economics are different between the US and Europe,” says Managing Director Gert-Jan van der Have. “But it is inevitable that at some time the battery will become dysfunctional, and a remanufactured battery pack will be a substantial economic and ecologic benefit for our commercial and private clients.”


Source: Spiers New Technologies


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