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Skeleton Technologies joins Siemens to build supercapacitor factory in Germany

Skeleton Technologies, an energy storage device maker, is working together with Siemens on a new supercapacitor factory in Germany. “The collaboration aims to achieve the digitization of Skeleton’s entire value chain–from supercapacitor cell design to production and services–and scale up the production of next-generation supercapacitors,” says Skeleton.

“With our holistic automation and digitalization portfolio, we can use the appropriate tools and our industrial know-how together with Skeleton, from greenfield planning to factory simulation and optimized high-end production, to realize a highly efficient, fully automated production line that is unique in the world,” says the Head of Siemens Digital Industries Germany Guido Feind.

“The economies of scale provided using Siemens’ cutting-edge technology, combined with the use of Skeleton’s patented ‘curved graphene’ material, are expected to lower the production costs by almost 90% after the completion of this 5-year long project,” says Skeleton.

The modular commercial and industrial real estate company ecoPARKs is supporting the new factory. “Our ecoPARK currently under construction will have the highest environmental standards, based on circular economy, energy efficiency and the use of solar energy on the full roof area for local consumption,” says ecoPARKs Executive Partner Wilm Schwarzpaul.

Skeleton Technologies says it will invest €100 million ($101.5 million) in manufacturing equipment and an additional €120 million ($121.8 million) in scale-up efforts and R&D on the new factory, which is scheduled to begin production in 2024, and will produce up to 12 million supercapacitor cells per year.

Compared to its first manufacturing site in Saxony, Skeleton Technologies says the new factory will have 40 times more output. The first manufacturing site in Saxony “will continue as an R&D factory in the future.”

“This ramp-up will allow us to meet market demand for our next-generation products and make our new factory the largest and most modern supercapacitor factory in Europe,” says COO of Skeleton Technologies Dr. Linus Froböse.

Source: Skeleton Technologies

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