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Sion Power to expand lithium-metal battery manufacturing operations in Tucson, Arizona

Sion Power

Large-format lithium-metal battery developer Sion Power has announced plans to expand its existing manufacturing operations in Tucson, Arizona. The expansion is expected to be complete by 2026 and create over 150 jobs, primarily in engineering and other manufacturing-related positions.

The overall economic impact of the expansion is expected to be $341 million over the next five years, says the company.

Sion Power’s facility expansion will be equipped with fully automated battery cell production capabilities, including proprietary lithium metal anode manufacturing, cell assembly and testing.

“The global construction of battery manufacturing plants is occurring at a rapid pace, and the United States can’t be left behind,” said Tracy Kelley, CEO of Sion Power. “The expansion in Tucson will allow Sion Power to further our mission of scaling battery manufacturing from R&D to commercialization.”

Source: Sion Power


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