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Sion Power to begin production of Licerion batteries with Li-metal anodes

Sion Power plans to begin production of its Licerion lithium metal battery in late 2018 from its Tucson facility. Sion says Licerion technology will offer specific energy of 500 Wh/kg, energy density of 1,000 Wh/L, and a lifetime of 450 cycles.

Licerion technology, a product of Sion’s technical collaboration with BASF, covers a wide range of chemistries designed to perform with sulfur-based and lithium-ion-based cathodes. All Licerion products incorporate Sion Power’s protected lithium metal anodes, unique electrolyte formulations and engineered cathodes.

Each Licerion cell has dimensions of 10x10x1 cm, and a capacity of 20 Ah. At the core of Licerion technology is a protected metallic lithium thin film anode, which is paired with a traditional lithium-ion intercalation cathode.

“Over the last decade, Sion Power and our research partner BASF have strategically focused on meticulous research and development of a next-generation lithium battery,” said Tracy Kelley, CEO of Sion Power. “We are on track to deliver product to a select group of partners by the end of 2018.”


Source: Sion Power via Green Car Congress


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