Siemens sells electric aircraft propulsion business to Rolls-Royce

Siemens is set to sell its eAircraft unit to Rolls-Royce – the companies expect the move to take place in late 2019.

Siemens eAircraft develops electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for the aerospace industry. At locations in Munich and Erlangen in Germany as well as Budapest, Hungary, it cooperates with partners such as Airbus to create prototypes for propulsion systems like Airbus’s CityAirbus, with power ratings ranging from less than 100 kW to several thousand kW. eAircraft entered a development partnership with Airbus in 2016, but Siemens has been researching and developing electric aircraft propulsion systems for about ten years.

“Our eAircraft team is a pioneer in electric and hybrid-electric systems for aircraft,” said Siemens CTO and COO Roland Busch. “With Rolls-Royce, we’ve found a perfect home for this business and have placed its expertise in the hands of one of Airbus’s close partners. We will continue to cooperate with Rolls-Royce, in particular by making our digital solutions portfolio available in order to facilitate this major step toward sustainable, lower-emission aviation.”

Source: Siemens

  • wowlfie

    Well that kills the electric plane future. Rolls Royce just bought them out to kill electric motor driven planes is all.

    • Rick Henderson

      fortunately you are wrong – RR not only announced their new business but are already expanding it. They see the future business as phenomenal – and inevitable.

      in the future it might be helpful to do a little research before commenting!

  • Daniel

    Really my first time to hear that aircraft also start the electrification like vehicle by using electromotors

  • Rahul Gutam

    Surge in government rules and regulations with respect to aircraft emission has raised the overall electric aircraft market.