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Sepion develops non-flammable liquid electrolyte for EV batteries

US-based Sepion Technologies, which produces separator coatings and liquid electrolytes for lithium batteries, has developed a non-flammable liquid electrolyte designed to can reduce the risk and severity of fires in lithium-ion EV batteries.

Sepion’s researchers subjected the newly-discovered liquid electrolyte to flammability testing against standard commercial lithium-ion battery electrolytes, demonstrating a flash point exceeding 70° C and self-extinguishing time (SET) that is 25 times faster than commercial lithium-ion battery electrolytes, the company said.

Sepion developed the material using its artificial intelligence platform, which advances the material discovery process by identifying up to 10 million formulations in one week. It can rapidly examine extensive libraries of materials from component categories such as salts, solvents and additives to narrow researchers’ focus. The platform can also optimize nanoengineered polymer coatings for separators by discovering and developing novel materials.

Sepion recently received UN/DOT 38.3 certification for its lithium-metal pouch cells, highlighting the role of developments such as the self-extinguishing electrolyte in advancing the safety standards of lithium batteries.

“Sepion’s AI-based materials discovery approach accelerates R&D, leading to the discovery of groundbreaking solutions like this non-flammable electrolyte, addressing and reducing critical fire risks in lithium batteries,” noted Sepion’s CTO Brian Sisk.

Source: Sepion Technologies


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