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Schleuniger’s new CrimpCenter 64 SP speeds up production

Schleuniger Global recently introduced CrimpCenter 64 SP, its latest automatic crimping machine. The company says that the new product delivers 8 to 14 percent faster production compared to its predecessor. 

The new CrimpCenter 64 SP provides an array of features, including: 

  • Application-specific default values for process parameters
  • Dual ToolingShuttle quick-change system
  • Automatic pneumatic pressure control of feeding belts and gripper systems 
  • A straightening unit 
  • A new roller design for very thin cables 
  • A new deposit gripper system 
  • Integrated crimp-force monitoring for multiple stamped terminals
  • A split-cycle function

The CrimpCenter 64 SP offers several quality-monitoring options, such as SmartDetect, WireCam, material change detection, PullTester 320, crimp-height measurement, and ErrorExpert software.

Source: Schleuniger


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