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Sakuu manufactures lithium metal cell using dry process

US solid-state battery specialist Sakuu has produced its lithium metal Cypress battery cell using a fully dry process.

The company has now produced commercial-grade lithium-metal anode battery cells using both wet and dry electrode manufacturing. The batteries can run for 1,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge (DoD) to 80% state of health (SOH), providing 800+ Wh/l energy density of the active cell area, and 3 C continuous discharge up to 10 C peaks to support high-power applications.

Sakuu has also recently achieved UN38.3 certification for the Cypress battery.

“The biggest challenge in battery manufacturing today is producing next-generation batteries cost-effectively at scale to meet demand,” said Robert Bagheri, CEO and founder of Sakuu. “Manufacturing Cypress in a fully dry process with the Kavian platform is a key step in enabling high-quality solid-state batteries to be produced in high volume in the future.”

Source: Sakuu


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