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Royal introduces new battery connectors and conductors for EVs

Royal Power Solutions has introduced two new high-current products intended to improve efficiency and facilitate automated manufacturing. “While much of the auto industry is focused on developing EV software, we see unique opportunities to develop intellectual property that results in high-current connections able to withstand high-vibration and high-temperature mechanical stresses while delivering a full system solution with innovative hardware like High Power Lock Box and RigiFlex,” said Royal CEO Randy Ross. 

The company describes the HPLB as a “plug-in” solution with a smaller footprint—less weight and reduced profile—that replaces current “bolt-on” connection systems using machined studs and round terminals or eyelets with anti-rotational features.

The self-aligning, quick-connect RigiFlex—with integrated HPLB terminals—is rigid in some areas, but flexible in areas that require elevation changes. Royal says the flexibility also works well across the battery pack in areas that require tolerance for expansion and contraction during charging and discharging cycles.  

The HPLB meets USCAR2 T4 (150° C) and V4 (severe vibration) requirements while also satisfying S3 standards for sealing under pressure spray. The RigiFlex busbar with integrated HPLB terminals includes both rigid and flexible segments in one continuous seamless conductor that enables fully automated battery pack assembly. For HPLB and RigiFlex, Royal has achieved concept approval on 22 vehicles in development in both the US and Europe.

Source: Royal

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