ROHM’s new Nano Cap automotive power supply technology

Japanese electronic parts manufacturer Rohm Semiconductor has announced the development of its new Nano Cap technology, designed for power supply circuits in the automotive and industrial fields.

In a circuit with a linear regulator and microcontroller unit (MCU), a 1 uF capacitor is usually required at the output of the linear regulator, while 100 nF is needed at the input of the MCU. ROHM says a linear regulator using its Nano Cap technology eliminates the need for the 1 uF capacitor at the regulator output, and ensures stable operation with just a 100 nF input capacitor.  

Op-amp samples featuring Nano Cap technology are currently available, while linear regulators utilizing Nano Cap technology, as well as LED drivers with Nano Cap-equipped regulators, are scheduled to be released in 2020.

Source: ROHM