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Ricardo to integrate 800 V electric powertrain for Fisker EMotion

Fisker has selected global engineering firm Ricardo to integrate the electric powertrain for the upcoming Fisker EMotion. The partnership will include integration of Fisker’s proprietary charger, battery pack and e-axle systems.

The EMotion powertrain, including the motors, inverters and power electronics, is based on an 800 V architecture, which, according to Fisker, delivers many benefits, including thinner, lighter cables; smaller, more efficient motors; lower system weight; less heat generation; lower manufacturing costs; faster charging and higher power throughput.

LG Chem will deliver 21700 cylindrical battery cells based on NCM chemistry. Fisker says the EMotion’s battery pack will feature advanced thermal management, and will offer the highest energy density yet seen in an EV.


Source: Ricardo via Green Car Congress


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