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Researchers say novel SEI-forming binder for graphite can improve fast charging performance

A team of researchers from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) has demonstrated a new fast-charging technique that promotes Li-ion intercalation of active material through the use of a novel binder material.

According to the studies, the binder material improves desolvated Li-ion transport through the solid electrolyte interface (SEI) and within the anode material, delivering high conductivity, low impedance and stability. Boron compounds such as the tetracordinate boron in the binder and the boron-rich SEI decrease the activation energy of Li+ desolvation from the solvent sheath at the SEI. The suggested method also utilized caffeic acid biopolymer, a sustainable and ecologically safe substance.

“Our current strategy of using a bio-derived lithium borate polymer as an aqueous polyelectrolyte binder to enhance charge transfer within electrodes such as graphite anodes exhibits fast charging capability,” stated JAIST Professors, Noriyoshi Matsumi and Rajashekar Badam.

Source: ACS Publications

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