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ReElement Technologies partners with EDP Renewables for rare earth magnet recycling

ReElement Technologies, a rare earth element and critical battery metal producer, has partnered with EDP Renewables North America, a renewable energy supplier, to recycle rare earth materials for wind turbines and EV motors.

The partnership aims to develop a circular supply chain for renewable energy equipment and inputs by efficiently and sustainably recycling neodymium-based permanent magnets from decommissioned wind turbines into magnet-grade rare earth elements. ReElement’s process recycles permanent magnets in a way that is three times safer way than traditional Chinese mining and processing procedures, according to the company.  

“Our flexibility to refine multiple feedstocks utilizing a smaller, scalable and environmentally safer method enables us to provide valuable solutions to supply chain challenges,” said Chris Moorman, Chief Commercial Officer of ReElement Technologies.

Source: ReElement Technologies


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