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Power Integrations acquires gallium nitride specialist Odyssey Semiconductor

US-based electronic components manufacturer Power Integrations has agreed to acquire the assets of Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies, a developer of vertical gallium nitride (GaN) transistor technology.

The transaction is expected to close in July 2024, after which all key Odyssey employees are expected to join Power Integrations’ organization.

The acquisition supports Power Integrations’ development of its PowiGaN technology, which features in the company’s products including InnoSwitch ICs, HiperPFS-5 power-factor-correction ICs, and its recently launched InnoMux-2 range of single-stage, multiple-output ICs. The company introduced 900 V and 1,250 V versions of PowiGaN technology and products in 2023.

“We are executing on a roadmap that includes driving toward cost parity with silicon MOSFETs and expanding the voltage and power capabilities of PowiGaN. Our goal is to commercialize a cost-effective high-current and high-voltage GaN technology to support higher-power applications currently served by silicon carbide (SiC), at a much lower cost and higher performance enabled by the fundamental material advantages of GaN over SiC.”

Source: Power Integrations


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