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Porsche Consulting to design future Sakuú battery manufacturing plants

3D-printed solid-state battery manufacturer Sakuú has selected Porsche Consulting to design its planned global gigafactories.

Sakuú expects the partnership to provide it with expertise for building gigafactories to meet its 2030 annual energy output goal of 200 GWh across its developing energy storage product line.

Sakuú’s first plant design will accommodate roll-to-roll manufacturing for its line of high-energy-density batteries, followed by a series of plants utilizing the company’s Kavian platform solution to produce its Swift Print solid-state battery line via multi-material additive manufacturing.

Sakuú says its Swift Print technology provides a 100% greater capacity in a 50% smaller and over 40% lighter package than that of comparable Li-ion cells.

Source: Green Car Congress


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