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ON Semiconductor announces rugged automotive SiC Diodes

ON Semiconductor has introduced a robust line of automotive-grade silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes. The AEC-Q101 diodes can handle high surge currents and are meant to operate from -55° to 175° C.

There are several reasons why SiC diodes are ideal for automotive applications. They are smaller and cheaper compared to alternatives, have higher power densities, and create less electromagnetic interference (EMI). Also, SiC diodes have temperature-independent switching performance and no reverse recovery current. ON’s FFSHx0120 1,200 V Gen1 and FFSHx065 650 V Gen2 diodes have the added benefits of lower leakage currents, faster switching, and as a result, smaller magnetic components. They are offered in several surface-mount and through-hole designs, including TO-247, D2PAK and DPAK.

“By expanding our Schottky diode range with AEC qualified devices, ON Semiconductor is bringing the significant benefits of SiC technology to automotive applications, allowing our customers to achieve the demanding performance requirements of this sector,” says ON’s Senior Director Fabio Necco. “SiC technology is a perfect fit for the automotive environment, where it delivers greater efficiency, faster switching, improved thermal performance and high levels of robustness. In a sector where saving space and weight are critical, the greater power density of SiC, which helps reduce overall solution size, along with the associated benefit of smaller magnetics, is most welcome.”


Source: ON Semiconductor


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