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Musk tells governors half of new vehicles will be electric within 10 years

Elon Musk had a number of interesting things to say at the recent meeting of the National Governors Association – the video (Musk’s portion, that is) is worth watching in full.

By now, most folks understand that vehicles are going electric. The big question is, how quickly will it happen? Musk told the governors that he expects the EV industry to grow exponentially. “My guess is probably in 10 years more than half of new vehicle production is electric in the United States,” said Musk, noting that it will take a few more years for the existing fleet to be replaced.

Furthermore, Musk expects “almost all” new vehicles to be autonomous within the same 10-year timeframe.

Mr. Musk added that the transition to EVs is likely to happen sooner in China, and discussed the letter that global auto industry trade groups recently sent to the Chinese government, asking it to water down its EV mandate.

“China’s probably going to be ahead of that [10-year timeframe], because China’s been super-pro-EV. I don’t think a lot of people know this, but China’s environmental policies are way ahead of the US. Their mandate for renewable energy far exceeds the US. Sometimes people are under the impression that China is either dragging their feet or somehow behind the US in terms of sustainable energy promotion, but they are by far the most aggressive on Earth – it’s crazy.”


Source: Electrek

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