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MTU and AKASOL partner to develop heavy-duty diesel hybrids

MTU Friedrichshafen 20V4000

MTU Friedrichshafen, a manufacturer of large diesel engines, has formed a development partnership with Li-ion battery-maker AKASOL, with the aim of developing battery systems for MTU’s hybrid and electric propulsion systems.

Using AKASOL battery systems, MTU plans to produce hybrid powertrains for the marine, heavy-duty ground vehicle and rail sectors, as well as stationary industrial drives.

AKASOL has over 20 years of experience developing mobile and stationary battery systems for the automotive, commercial vehicle and renewable power industries. It offers a range of lithium-ion cells (NMC, LTO, LFO, etc.) for different applications. Capacities range from 7 to 60 Ah.

The company’s AKAMODULEs offer energy density of over 140 Wh/kg, and can be assembled into an AKASYSTEM comprising up to 255 modules.


Source: Green Car Congress


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