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Michigan seems the likely site of Graphex’s new battery materials plant

Graphex Technologies, a subsidiary of Graphex Group, has agreed to form a joint venture with Michigan-based Emerald Energy Solutions to build and operate a graphite processing facility. The JV is considering “several Michigan sites as well as other sites,” and the final site selection is expected in March.

Graphex hopes to have a facility operational before the end of Q2 2023, with an initial capacity to deliver 10,000 metric tons per year of coated spherical graphite, which is used in EV battery anodes. The company says it will be able to increase the plant’s capacity to 20,000 tons per year quickly to meet increased demand.

Graphex has been “proficient” in commercial graphite processing since 2013, and is currently producing over 10,000 metric tons of spherical graphite annually.

EES specializes in the construction of manufacturing facilities. Its Emerald Business Park, a 23-acre industrial park in Warren, Michigan was recently upcycled into several manufacturing and processing facilities.  

“The establishment of a US-based facility represents one of many steps in Graphex’s expansion plans,” said John DeMaio, President of the Graphene Division of Graphex. “While localizing this integral element of the EV supply chain certainly creates commercial opportunity, we are equally pleased to be able to import technological expertise and create well-paying jobs in the US.”

“Global EV growth creates unprecedented demand for battery materials, and graphite continues to be a key material in future battery chemistries,” said David Halabu, Managing Partner of EES. “Detroit is positioning itself to be a global leader not only in traditional automobile manufacturing, but also the leader in EV manufacturing.”

Source: Graphex Group


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