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Marposs announces non-contact tech for monitoring electrode roll production

Measurement, inspection and test technology company Marposs has announced a new line of non-contact solutions for monitoring roll-to-roll production of cathode and anode foils for EV batteries. Marposs says the solutions provide “high-resolution film thickness and width gauging across the electrode production process, helping to avoid scrap and rework to improve quality and save money.”

Marposs’s STIL Chromatic Confocal technology relies on white light and reflected optical beams to measure the width and thickness of film during electrode coating and calendaring. Marposs also offers its AEROEL laser scanner for measuring the width of smaller electrode rolls cut from a large electrode roll. “These laser gauges feature patented technologies that make them highly accurate and reliable, as they are impervious to variations in temperature, vibration, product movement, dust and other environmental conditions that would normally influence measurement results.”

Marposs also offers a patent-pending in-line machine vision inspection technology for identifying burrs, folds and electrode profile delamination during the notching process. The technology uses a high-resolution linear camera to identify any metal burrs, as well as a matrix camera that searches for changes in distance between the edge of the electrode and the linear camera.

Source: Marposs


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