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Marelli releases new range of multipurpose smart actuators for hybrids and EVs

Marelli has launched a new range of multipurpose smart actuators for simplifying actuation and thermal management in hybrids and EVs.

Marelli’s new smart actuators have an electronic module that autonomously controls and links the actuator to the EV’s electronic network. The device has a flexible, modular and scalable mechanical design, to fit complex vehicle electronics and transmission configurations, and a software management system designed for simple integration. The overall solution allows customization and installation within the vehicle, is compact and lightweight, features onboard diagnostics, and is cyber-security-ready. 

Marelli has also developed an integrated Thermal Management Module (iTMM) for EVs, which combines the cabin, battery and e-powertrain thermal systems into one single component.

“As future cars are expected to include more than 100 actuators with different missions and purposes, this solution will help carmakers to reduce complexity and ease the integration in vehicles’ mechanical and electronic environments,” the company said.

Source: Marelli


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