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MAHLE develops a new bionic battery cooling plate

German automotive parts supplier MAHLE has developed a new bionic battery cooling plate with cooling channels modeled on shapes encountered in nature (i.e. coral) that cause the coolant to flow differently than conventional flow-through solutions.

MAHLE’s bionic structure improves the thermodynamic performance and structural-mechanical properties of the cooling plate, says the company. Also, the design increases cooling performance by 10% and reduces pressure loss by 20%, resulting in increased battery efficiency and quicker charging.

MAHLE also says it has reduced the amount of material used for the plate by up to 15%.

The company’s bionic plate controls the flow rate of the coolant according to demand, especially in the case of small temperature differences between battery cells and coolant. According to MAHLE, the temperature range of the battery cooled by the new bionic plate can be reduced by 50%, and peak temperatures, in particular, can be significantly lowered. The bionic structure also offers design advantages, such as greater rigidity, which makes it possible to use the battery cooling plate with lower material thicknesses.

“With our new battery cooling plate, we are breaking away from technical geometries and are instead using natural structures, such as the coral shape, which improves our cooling technology and provides advantages in structural stability,” said Dr. Uli Christian Blessing, Head of Global Development Thermal Management at MAHLE.

Source: MAHLE


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