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Linear Labs raises $4.5 million to market its electric motor

Electric motor manufacturer Linear Labs has closed a $4.5-million funding round to market its flagship motor, the Hunstable Electric Turbine.

The Hunstable Electric Turbine uses multiple rotors. Compared to available permanent magnet motors, Linear Labs’s motor produces twice the torque, three times the power density, two times the output and 10 percent further range, according to the company.

“This is a major accomplishment by an electric motor, which supersedes other commercially available electric propulsion units,” said Babak Fahimi, founding director of the Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Laboratory at the University of Texas at Dallas. “I believe that the deployment and commercialization of the Hunstable Electric Turbine will result in substantial leaps in terms of energy savings, reliability enhancement and low-cost manufacturing.”

“The Hunstable Electric Turbine motor has variable speed and twice the torque while using less voltage, which means it can help electric cars have better range and reduced productions costs and switch ACs to single stage motors that shut on and off to hold a temperature,” said Peter Pham, co-founder of Science Inc., which participated in the funding round.

Source: Linear Labs


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