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LiNa Energy demonstrates dynamic containment with its solid-state sodium batteries

LiNa Energy, a developer of solid-state sodium batteries, has successfully completed an independent demonstration of its batteries for energy storage systems.

In the test, a 1 kW / 1 kWh LiNa system performed dynamic containment. This is a key revenue stream for battery energy storage systems in the UK, which requires rapid injection and absorption of power to maintain the grid’s frequency, as maintaining a narrow operating frequency is a key to avoiding blackouts and generator trips.

The demonstration was performed continuously for five days and tested over a range of states of charge. The test was also run simultaneously with a charge and a discharge profile to demonstrate the critical ability to stack revenue streams.

Traditional hydrocarbon-based sources of electrical generation provided “inertia” to the grid, as turbines would spin synchronously with the grid frequency and generator trips would be buffered by momentum. As these traditional sources of generation are displaced by inverter-based renewables, maintaining grid frequency has become more challenging, says the company.

“Electrical grids around the world will need energy storage assets as renewable generation increases. This is an important demonstration for LiNa Energy, showcasing this technology’s potential to meet the needs of this market,” said Rich Dawson, LiNa CTO.

Source: LiNa Energy

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