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LG Chem, LX Hausys develop flame retardant to delay thermal runaway in EV batteries

Chemicals company LG Chem and technology manufacturer LX Hausys in South Korea have developed a material that can withstand a 1,500° C flame for over 20 minutes, delaying battery thermal runaway.

The Special Flame-Retardant Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic (CFT) can withstand strong flames and high pressure 14 times longer than other thermoplastics, according to the company. The 1.6 mm thin Special Flame Retardant CFT did not melt, run down, or develop holes after 20 minutes of LG Chem’s internal torch test at temperatures exceeding 1,500° C. It incorporates LG Chem’s flame barrier material and LX Hausys’s CFT manufacturing technology. Special Flame Retardant CFT is solid and rigid, so it can be used in the top and bottom covers of large battery packs and other EV battery components. The companies expect that it will delay the spread of flames in an EV fire, allowing more time for driver evacuation and fire suppression.

“We have been working closely with LX Hausys since we developed and announced a super flame barrier material last year,” said Tom Shin, Head of Marketing Department, Engineering Materials at LG Chem. “We will continue research and development to make the daily lives of EV drivers safer while addressing customer pain points.”

Source: LG Chem

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