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KACO announces new bidirectional high-speed sealing systems for electric drives

German manufacturer KACO builds high-speed dynamic radial shaft sealing systems, and claims to have made a significant advance in the field. Electric drives, the company explains, require sealing systems that function independently of the direction of rotation, and previous systems had a preferred direction of rotation for forward travel (V-max), with correspondingly good reverse travel speed profiles.

To meet the demands of progressing design trends, KACO says it has taken on the task of developing a sealing system that fulfills the load spectrum of forward travel while also realizing reverse travel in analogous terms of speed and duration.

The company reports that cross-departmental cooperation between materials development, product development and testing has succeeded in producing a sealing system that meets customer specifications in amine-containing gear oils irrespective of direction of rotation. It further claims to have successfully scaled and tested the system in applications up to 45 m/s with a shaft diameter of 60 mm, securely covering over 90% of all known customer profiles.

Source: KACO

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