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KACO announces new bidirectional high-speed sealing systems for electric drives

German manufacturer KACO builds high-speed dynamic radial shaft sealing systems, and claims to have made a significant advance in the field. Electric drives, the company explains, require sealing systems that function independently of the direction of rotation, and previous systems had a preferred direction of rotation for forward travel (V-max), with correspondingly good reverse travel… Read more »

KACO’s second-gen structured mechanical seals for internal rotor cooling

Sealing technology firm KACO has introduced the second generation of its structured mechanical seals for internal rotor cooling. “Following the successful market launch of the first generation of mechanical seals for internal rotor cooling, KACO has significantly improved these systems by consistently optimizing the microstructures in terms of occurring power losses,” says the company, which… Read more »

KACO further develops its quick-venting battery deflation system

KACO has further developed its quick-venting modular system for battery deflation. The products include reversible and irreversible solutions with a configurable breathing membrane. If an unintentional fault occurs in the traction battery of an EV or hybrid, rapid emergency venting is needed to reduce the pressure in the affected battery segment. Depending on customer specifications,… Read more »

Sealing expert KACO expands portfolio of shaft grounding rings

KACO, a maker of sealing technologies, has expanded its product line to include shaft grounding rings designed to protect the bearings and gearing of electrical machines. The company offers a portfolio of shaft grounding rings ranging from single washers to complex customer-specific solutions with various carrier parts.  KACO’s modular system of shaft grounding rings, specially… Read more »

KACO Sealing’s new EV battery venting solution for quick deflation

If a malfunction occurs in an EV battery, rapid venting is required in order to reduce the pressure in the affected battery segment. KACO Sealing Systems has developed a quick deflation solution for EV battery modules, centered around a piston that tightly seals the exhaust port after venting. KACO’s Quick Deflation is designed so that… Read more »