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Johnson Controls unveils Micro Hybrid battery in Frankfurt

It may not be the most glamorous piece of hardware on display in Frankfurt, but Johnson Controls’ first-generation dual-voltage Micro Hybrid battery represents a technology that some say is likely to be incorporated into almost every new vehicle within a few years.

Johnson Controls says that its Micro Hybrid technology (aka start-stop technology) can offer up to 15 percent fuel savings, and will be available for testing with key automotive customers this December.

Johnson’s new system includes a 12-volt starter battery and a 48-volt lithium-ion battery. The 48-volt battery is designed to quickly capture energy from braking and can support higher loads such as AC. The 12-volt battery provides power to the vehicle starter, lights and entertainment system.

“We expect this technology to play an integral role in meeting aggressive fuel economy and emission reduction targets,” said Johnson VP Ray Shemanski. “Micro Hybrid systems will be able to support the automotive industry’s needs at a much lower cost than hybrid or electric vehicles, and therefore, offer a mass-production solution that can be leveraged across our customers’ fleets. We expect Micro Hybrid technology will be adopted in Europe first, due to more stringent fuel economy and emissions standards, and then quickly move to US markets in the next few years with global adoption starting in 2020.”


Source: Johnson Controls via Green Car Congress


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