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ION Storage Systems commissions solid-state battery pilot line

US-based solid-state battery manufacturer ION Storage Systems has commissioned a pilot production line adjacent to its headquarters in Maryland.

The facility is expected to start manufacturing 1 MWh of battery cells this year, increasing to 10 MWh by early 2025. The company has a longer-term goal of reaching 500 MWh of capacity by 2028.

ION’s solid-state, anode-less technology uses a 3D ceramic structure that requires no compression, removing an obstacle to the growth of solid-state batteries, according to the company. ION has been collaborating with the University of Maryland Center for Research in Extreme Batteries (CREB) to test its battery before expanding into markets including EVs, energy storage, consumer electronics and aerospace.

“From the outset, our goal has been to develop an advanced solid-state battery that delivers enhanced power, reliability and safety, all while being scalable in production. This new facility, one of the largest of its kind, marks a step towards realizing that vision,” said Ricky Hanna, CEO of ION Storage Systems.

Source: ION Storage Systems


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