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Interplex releases new stackable multi-row board-to-board connectors for EVs

Interplex, a manufacturer of interconnect products, has released a new product that allows multiple connector units to be stacked together. The company’s Multi-Row Board-to-Board (BTB) connector product features a proprietary “snap-in biscuit design.” According to Interplex, this allows interconnections to be appropriately sized, eliminating the need for custom-built units.

The new BTB connectors feature copper alloy 0.4 mm miniPLX press-fit pins with low levels of contact resistance (<1 mΩ) and a 3 A current-carrying capacity.

The new connectors are available in board stacking heights from 7 mm to 30 mm, and can have between one and six rows, with up to 30 contact terminals per row. According to the company, they’re capable of withstanding high humidity levels (8-hour cycling up to 10% RH), shocks (35 g for 5 to 10 ms across ten axes) and vibrations (8 hours per axis). They support a working temperature range of -40° to 150° C (-40° to 302° F).

Interplex expects its new BTB connectors to be used primarily in EVs—specifically for electric power steering and ECUs.

Source: Interplex


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