IBM and Daimler claim quantum leap in lithium-sulfur battery breakthrough

Electric vehicles may be the wave of the future, but each machine is only as good as its battery. A breakthrough in quantum computing from a Daimler-IBM collaboration may change the way we think about the power of lithium. Researchers are one step closer to creating cheaper, more powerful, longer lasting batteries accessible to a broad market.

Modeling molecules isn’t just for biotech anymore – a recent study from Cornell University shows how simulating potential dipole moments in lithium-sulfur batteries could unlock the door for next-generation design. Through the magic of qubits and an IBM Q Valencia, a variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) algorithm uses classical and quantum components to simulate elements of a Li-S battery.

With these models, researchers hope to expand their current knowledge of lithium batteries by accelerating simulations to predict and explain molecules’ properties and behaviors. Hyper-efficient batteries may not hit the market tomorrow, but with the help of quantum computing, researchers are laying the groundwork for a breakthrough in EV battery technology. 

Source: IBM

  • Troy Frank

    If your title is going to scream about a quantum leap in a particular battery chemistry design, it would be nice if the story said anything about what performance characteristics of that battery type have improved (and by how much).

    The actual story is more about how they’ve developed a new technique that they hope will eventually lead to actual breakthroughs. Nothing has improved yet.

    • Vincent Wolf

      No $hit. Most over hyped title to an article with absolutely no substance.

      Obviously their just trying to get someone to click to count readers nothing more. Not nice Chargedev. Really upset about this.

  • Michael

    I keep reading about all these fantastic new ‘battery technology breakthroughs’ BUT nothing ever appears in the real world applications. Can’t really blame us for being so cynical.

  • UnconventionalWisdom

    No real progress on a new design recommendation….or new prototype, etc. Nice they have a new tool, but, need to make discoveries or tangible results.

  • Mark

    Where’s the beef?

  • SJC

    Works on paper…