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Hyzon Motors develops eAxle to improve efficiency of hydrogen and battery trucks

Hyzon Motors, a supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, has developed a new patent-pending eAxle design that’s designed to improve the efficiency of 6×4 Class 8 commercial vehicles.

Hyzon’s eAxle eliminates right-angle hypoid gears, and uses one motor per wheel, with optimized performances at both low and high speeds. Paired with a virtual differential, the design achieves an efficiency of up to 97%, compared to the industry-standard 95%. The company says the eAxle can reduce the motor-to-wheel loss by as much as 40%, and allows full-torque regenerative braking. Hyzon expects to incorporate the eAxle in its next-generation Class 8 heavy trucks.

The company says its Class 8 trucks will deliver a peak power of 950 kW, climb 20% grades, accelerate from 0-60 in less than 20 seconds with a fully loaded trailer, and reach speeds up to 75 mph. Hyzon expects to achieve this by using specialized motors in each tandem. 

Hyzon plans to manufacture eAxles for its hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy- and medium-duty trucks in its US facilities. Initial sample models will be ready for deployment next year.

Source: Hyzon 


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